Miller's Pickin' Patch

Vegetable Availability

Canning Tomatoes       $20.00/bushel

Purple Peas                    $1.20/lb

Crowder Peas                 $1.20/lb

Black Eye Peas               $1.20/lb

October Beans (Shelly Beans) $ .85/lb

Pickles (dill size)           $9.00/peck

Large Peppers                  $20.00/bushel

(Italian Frying, Medium Hot, Bell, Banana)

Small Peppers                $22.00/bushel (Jalapeno Hot Cherry, Hot Apple, Yummy) 

Okra                                    $1.20/lb

Chili, Cayenne, Thai Hot Peppers  $.90/lb Eggplant                           Price varies by size 

Cucumbers                      $7.00/peck

Lima Beans                       $.85/lb

(Large, Small and Speckled)

Green Beans                    $  .85/lb

(Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, Yellow Wax, Romano, and Half Runner)

Kale                                     $  .85/lb

Cabbage                             $ .35/lb

Sandwich Tomatoes      $1.25/lb

Zucchini, Yellow

Squash, & Cousa            4 for $1.00

Garlic (mild, strong, and fire)